Monday, September 21, 2020

And on this call, you’ll learn: ✓ How to snatch royalty-free content from YouTube

And on this call, you’ll learn: ✓ How to snatch royalty-free content from YouTube for fast video creation ✓ How to help businesses sell ALL OVER THE WORLD and make bank ✓ How you can get paid for re-creating any pre-existing video in just minutes  - Accepts Both Videos & YouTube Videos - Select a video from your computer or put in any YouTube video. - Automatic Transcribing - GrabVid transcribes your uploaded or chosen video in minutes (you can modify this and change anything you want). Not only does it make the video creation process easy and fast, it will also help you if you're struggling to find new ideas and content for your videos.  - Kari Then - switch to Italian - and there are only 2,000 results for the same keyword.     So - can you sense the opportunity?     What if there was a way to take any boring old video in English, and automatically translate it into Spanish, Italian, or 21 other languages? And use it to squeeze out every bit of traffic from YouTube (or just use these videos to translate your courses?) Expensive, and requires a lot of back and forth. I have in past outsourced my video creation. While the results were good, it often took me 2-4 weeks for a 5-minute video.     There were other problems too: I had to create my script from scratch. I had to give DETAILED guidelines to the outsourcers. And let's face it -  This is definitely the preferred option. These days, many Video makers, Animation makers, and other such software are available online.     These are good but have 2 critical points of failures:      1. You still need to come up with a script, and  2. You need to often create videos from scratch. The process works, but it is tiresome and not something you can do OVER and OVER again for MULTIPLE clients.  But here’s the most important thing of all:  Businesses don’t just need a video, they need videos that can sell ALL OVER THE WORLD!  3-steps is all it takes.  That’s all you need to do to help businesses turn their  current video assets (or you could charge them more to create their first assets)...from one language to another. REPURPOSE IT  With just a few clicks, translate the video into different languages, add caption and do a whole lot more!  GrabVid COUPON CODE

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